Simple sales formula

Altruism + Tremendous value + Offers = More sales

You only need three things to drive revenue. But most people forget at least one part of the above equation.

The first is ‘altruism’. The genuine desire to want to help others is key. You can’t fake it forever. Eventually, you’ll give up anyway because you never really wanted to help. You only wanted the cash.

The second is ‘tremendous value’. Are you an expert at what you do? Better yet, are you the expert? Sometimes, to sell anything, you have to give away everything in the beginning.

The third is ‘offer’. Present them an offer…anything they can purchase from you. If the timing is right, it will completely sell out.

Remember, don’t make the offer too soon. Be patient. Build a real relationship first.

After that, it’s all about consistency and frequency. Show up in front of your audience and just keep going.